Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Is niddle a swear word?


A:   No.


Q:   Because, I don’t know, it kind of sounds —


A:   It isn’t.


Q:   Okay. What is a niddle, then?


A:   A niddle is a tiny, transitory puff of feeling.


Q:   A what?


A:   It’s one of these.


Q:   Cute. What do they do?


A:   Not much. They poof in and out of existence. They bounce around a lot. Probably you should mostly ignore them.


Q:   That one has teeth.


A:   It won’t bite.


Q:   Aaaaa!


A:   I lied.


Q:   What kind of place is this?! Is it safe? Can I show this website to my baby?


A:   The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not giving babies an Internet to chew on.


Q:   What about my grandmother?


A:   That’s up to the baby. Unless your grandmother minds being chewed on.


Q:   No, can I show this website to my grandmother?


A:   Of course! We love grandmothers. All grandmothers are welcome here!


Q:   Even mean ones?


A:   I … well, I don’t … what?


Q:   Grandmothers are people, right? Some of them must be real stinkers.


A:   Um. Yes?


Q:   Why are there so many frowny, confused-looking niddles all of a sudden?


A:   That’s about all the time we have for today —


Q:   Oo! Oooo. I get it.


A:   No you don’t. Get out.


Q:   Niddles are an externalization of small, subjective, emotional experiences that would otherwise be difficult to characterize or quantif—


A:   Go! Niddle off.


Q:   And by minimizing them, you hope to gain some sense of control over a chaotic—


A:   Look, niddle you, niddle your niddlesome grandmother,

and niddle the niddling niddle horse you niddled in on!


Q:   I thought you said it wasn’t a swear word.


A:   Oh, niddle.